Private Capital Management has created a range of video explainers to help you better understand different areas of wealth management.

Custody Trusts

What are custody trusts and why do we like them? A Custody Trust is a legal document which is used to allow an SMSF to borrow money from a bank.

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Index Funds

An index fund is a type of managed fund. Index funds don’t try to beat the market, instead they try to match the index. They do this by holding the same shares in the same proporons as they occur in the ASX 200.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance is a way of insuring your loved ones against the financial consequences of dying too soon. This can be a difficult thing to think about – but if you have people who rely on you, then you simply must consider life insurance.

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Family Trusts

Every business owner should consider using a family trust. Family trusts can be great vehicles through which to run your business, maximizing flexibility – especially with regard to tax and succession planning. They can also be great ways to create and preserve wealth away from your business, providing wonderful protection for you and your loved ones in case something goes wrong financially.

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