Private Capital Management can arrange life, TPD, trauma and income insurance within a comprehensive investment plan or as a stand-alone option.

Private Capital Management

Insurance Strategy & Implementation

Building wealth is much more than investing in shares. In fact, protecting your wealth is one of the cornerstones in developing an effective wealth management strategy and is a foundation for our 4 tiers of wealth creation.

What is insurance? It is simply transferring the risk of a loss for an individual to an insurance company for an annual fee, such as AIA or TAL, meaning should you be unable to work due to illness or injury, you may receive up to 75% of your salary to meet living expenses. This is one such example how insurance can work and how the risk of not receiving an income is transferred to another party.

There are a number of ways that Private Capital Management can support your decision to implement insurance:

  • Determine the appropriateness of insurance both inside and outside of superannuation.
  • Structure policies depending on individual needs and circumstances.
  • Partner with you through the underwriting process with our established relationships at leading insurance providers.

Risk insurance policies are financial products that will pay the policy holder if the ‘insured event’ – such as becoming unwell and being unable to work – happens.

Insured events include things like temporary illness, permanent illness, temporary injury, permanent injury, or the premature death of the insured person.

Risk insurances insure your good health, which is actually your most important financial asset. That is why risk insurances are almost always the essential first step in any financial plan. Insuring yourself against a loss of income or earning ability allows you to ensure that life for you and your loved ones goes on with the quality you want, even if something unwanted happens.

We provide the complete range of risk insurance services: death cover, total and permanent disability (TPD), income protection and trauma cover. We help you calculate the type and amount of each cover that you might need, as well as discuss other ways that you can protect yourself against financial loss.

We also show you how to minimise the premiums, especially after-tax, without unnecessarily compromising the quality of the policy or the level of cover that you acquire.

If cash flow is tight, we can assist you to find ways to insure yourself that minimise the demands on your day-to-day income. And, of course, as financial planners we can help you find ways to enhance your income. This makes everything more affordable, not just your insurances.

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