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About Private Capital Management.

Private Capital Management is a privately held wealth management company based in Sydney, Australia.

Our products and services include traditional wealth management and financial planning, and finance and credit services such as mortgage broking and commercial finance.

Our wealth management philosophy is disciplined, long-term, and factors in many investment considerations including cost and tax. Each client receives a bespoke investment strategy which is specifically tailored and objective-driven.

Our mortgage broking and finance services aim to provide clients with a competitive lending platform with access to over 30 lenders.

“Private Capital Management was established to provide clients an integrated, intelligent and holistic service offering from wealth to mortgages.  Our values are built on exceptional customer service and trust and ethics to the highest standard”.

Nathan S. Ide

Managing Director

Private Capital Management is rated 5 out of 5 by 1 customers.

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Innovative technology-driven wealth management services and access

All Financial Plans reviewed by Qualified Lawyers

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Nathan Ide, far left, New York Stock Exchange, Closing Bell

Nathan Ide presenting his TED Talk on Investing

Nathan S. Ide

Managing Director

Nathan has over 12 years financial markets experience within Investment Banking and Investment Management and has worked within some of the worlds largest banks. He has presented at TED looking at Australia's superannuation industry and has been a frequent presenter at the Australian Securities Exchange. Nathan is also a member of the Union, University and Schools Club of Sydney.

Nathan attended St. Paul's College, within the University of Sydney, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce. He is also in the final stage of a Master of Business Administration also at the University of Sydney, and is authorised by ASIC to provide Financial Advice (RG146) and Credit Advice (RG209).

Sarah Gao


Sarah holds a Masters Degree in Applied Commerce, from the University of Melbourne. She graduated in 2008. Her specialization was in accounting and she is a CPA.

She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of risk insurance and oversees the delivery and implementation of all of our risk advice.

Sarah is bi-lingual, being fluent in English and Mandarin.

Wilbert Chhua

IT and Marketing

Wilbert holds dual degrees from Monash University - Commerce and Business Information Systems.

He commenced his professional career in business advisory at a mid-tier accounting and financial planning firm, where he worked successfully for several years.

He is now following his real passion for applying online marketing strategies and innovative technologies in financial services.

The accounting profession's loss is very much our gain.

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